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CCW Tips And Tactics, Part III

DC Reed/Director

Part III of III

State Gun Laws

State gun laws vary considerably. Some states have many more firearms restrictions than others. Some gun owners who visit other states will be granted reciprocity and recognition for any “right to carry” gun laws they had in their home state. Not all states grant such rights. “Right to carry” laws are federal and state constitution provisions that recognize a gun owner’s right to use her or his gun for defensive purposes.

Some states give gun owners more rights than others. For example, twelve states currently prohibit employers from firing employees who leave guns locked in their personal vehicles on company property. That means 38 other states do allow companies to restrict employees from having weapons in their cars or trucks on company property.

States also have laws that either allow or prohibit you from openly carrying a gun in public. These are called “open carry” laws. Generally, states fall into one of four categories:

  • a) Permissive Open Carry States – Allow you to carry a gun without a permit or license.
  • b) Licensed Open Carry States – Allow gun owners to carry firearms openly only after they are issued a permit or license.
  • c) Anomalous Open Carry States – Carrying a gun openly may be generally lawful under state law, but local governments may pass their own gun laws that are more restrictive than the state’s laws.
  • d) Non-Permissive Open Carry States – Carrying a gun openly is against state law, or is legal only in limited circumstances (e.g., while hunting) or when legally used for self-defense.

If you just moved to a state with an open carry law, there is often a waiting period before you can apply for an open carry permit. Open carry restrictions are often the subject of lawsuits filed by gun owners against states where they reside.

Go to Findlaw’s site (http://statelaws.findlaw.com/criminal-laws/gun-control/ ) for a directory of gun laws in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. If you have additional questions, be sure to contact a gun rights attorney near you.


The key to successful carry and effective use of a firearm is training and of course, practice. Find a professional firearms instructor and check their references before investing in a training course. Reputable trainers should have a website or brochure that describes their training and background to teach. The NRA is a good place to start. Talk with your local law enforcement agencies. Many of the trainers who train them will train cleared civilians as well.

Look for trainers with a broad range of shooting/training experience. For instance a trainer who has just a police training background may not be as good a choice for civilians. A pure competition shooter may not give the best Use of Force legal advice. Military specialist may not be up on state laws.

Train to the threat you are likely to encounter. To give you an idea:

  • a. 55% of gunfights take place 0-5 feet.
  • b. 20% of gunfights take place in 5-10 feet.
  • c. 20% of gunfights take place in 10-21 feet.
  • d. 95% of gunfights take place in 0-21 feet. (Source- FBI)


  • a. The average man can cover 21 feet of ground in 1.5 seconds.
  • b. The average man cannot draw a gun from concealment in under 2 seconds.
  • c. The average gunfight is over in 3-5 seconds.
  • d. 3 to 4 shots are usually fired.
  • e. Most gunfights take place in low light conditions.
  • f. In most gunfights the aggressor does not stand still.
  • g. On average one shot in four actually strikes someone.

You need to know your abilities and benchmark yourself against known standards.

In conclusion, this path to carrying a CCW firearm for personal and family protection is an epiphany; that is, a permanent alteration of your life and your thinking and actions. From the day you obtain your permit and every day after that you are now different, and will be measured by the law differently.

It is an awesome responsibility to have; to know others close to you may now depend on you for their life. This heavy mantle is only mitigated by maturity, professional training, continued education, proper practice, and heavy doses of common sense.

God Speed and Good Shooting!

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Heckler & Koch Pistol Evals

DC Reed/Director

Testing Heckler and Koch’s this week and some next week.
P30’s, HK45, HK45C, P2000, and even a couple of USPs.

I have shot HK’s for many years and always had a love/dislike/fascination/regret cycle of reactions to them. That said I absolutely love the MP5 and carried one for years as an SRT and PST HRP dude.

I’ve somehow almost always had at least one since the P7M8 was the exotic ‘must have’ gun. Come to think of it, the old Staple gun is still a cool piece.

The SOCOM USP 45 was reliable but not all that, in my opinion considering the price which was extreme even for an HK. Heck, I don’t know about extreme conditions but my M&P 45 would outshoot it I believe.

Thinking back, I owed one of the very few P9S samples I’ve ever seen in 45ACP that had more than one magazine that worked! Ultimately that ungainly thing was traded, but now I wish I had it in the back of the safe.

(I also wish I had my brand new Bren Ten Special Forces 10mm that actually had a working mag and a coupon for another! Ok- back to HK’s)

I like the current crop of HK45’s with the P30 style “Batman” grip and have the HK45C in my stable. I prefer the HK45C but like the grip of the USP 45 Compact. I’ve had both in the past and traded one for the other at times. I might again.

(You got a good clean USP 45 Compact? Wanna trade?)

So- we’ll see the details on how these current models shoot and handle.
Anyone have an HK opinion (objective and on topic please) or real life HK experiences you want to share?

P.S. It’s pronounced “Coke” not “Cock” or “Cotch”

DC Reed, Director

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10 Rounds Is Safer Than 11?

DC Reed/Director

10 is safer than 11

Logical persons know behavior cannot be legislated. We have laws against speeding, we all break them and sometimes these violations result in death. But, there has been no law requiring speed governors on automobiles. Still, some politicians think 10 bullets are safer than 11. or worse – that such asnine feel-good legislation will do anything to curb horrific violence. Of course you know, bad guys not guns are the problem.

You should also know that those who wish to limit your protections under the 2nd Amendment are doing so because they fear you. This is why blacks – slaves – were prohibited from owning weapons prior to 1866. Fear.

The Civil Rights Acts of 1866 changed the laws prohibiting former slaves from owning firearms. Two years later with the adoption of the 14th Amendment, many Southern States imposed high taxes or banned inexpensive guns in order to price destitute individuals – read former slaves – out of the gun market. The 2nd Amendment has been under attack ever since and is becoming more a privilege than a right every day. We have accepted new laws and said, “Well, it could have been worse.”

Those prohibited firearms by an individual or government are, in every sense of the word, enslaved to that individual or government.

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What, At This Point, Does It Matter?

DC Reed/Director

“What at this point does it matter?”

Really, Madam Secretary, really?

I am reminded of the Lion King scene.
The Lion Prince having abandoned his role of responsibility says, “I don’t worry about the past.”
Then the wise Shaman monkey smacks the Lion Prince on the head with a stick.
When the Lion says, “Hey! Ow! That hurts!”
The Shaman monkey says, “Don’t worry about it, it’s in the past!”
The Lion says, “But it still hurts.”
“Hmmmmm,” says the wise Shaman monkey.
Write your post here.

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The Bond Gun For Fifty Yeats

DC Reed/Director:

So, what to wear when taking my family to see Sky Fall? My 1970’s era German Walther PPK/S of course!

This is my personal copy. I also have an Interarms stainless.

Now before anyone hollers, I have always carried concealed where legal, even movies, pre-Aurora. Certainly should some nut go off in a theater, as was recently stopped in Springfield, MO, I want to be ready to protect those I love.

But back to the Bond gun. Polizei Pistole Kriminal (PPK) was early considered a cops gun. By today’s standards its heavy for a 380, long heavy trigger pull, large and metal when compared to more recent (not more modern) polymer 380s. Also the caliber leaves a bit to be desired even with the best modern loads. But few other sidearms, save the 1911 and probably the Colt 1873 Peacemaker, are as instantly iconic.

Sexy, even.

Now, no Walther was actually made in Germany after WWII. They were all made in Manurhin, France. Just before the end of the war the Walther factory was bombed, so the Germans established a plant in occupied France. There a few guns were made until right at the end of the war when the French grabbed the tooling and began making guns for the Allied side.
Just after the war Germany was restricted from making weapons for a few years and the PPK was still made by the French. Later, this plant kept operating in Manurhin and the unassembled parts shipped a few kilometers across the border to Ulm, Germany for assembly, proofing, and of course- to be stamped “Made in Germany.”

In 1968 when the US Gun Control Act was in acted, Walthers were banned for import because of their 6 shot frame. So they mated a PPK slide to a PP frame to comply with the new law – and the PPK/S (Polizei Pistole Kriminal/States) was born. When Interarms bought Walther they also established the US plant in Gadsen, Alabama. Making the shorter PPK was now legal as it was US made.

So…All PPK’s and PPK/S’ since the war are either French or American made.

But when teaching Practical Pistolcraft or CCW very few shooters drool over drastic plastic. This “German” Walther always garners ambitious offers such as, “Um, would you take…?”


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Warning Shots

DC Reed/Director

Never, never, ever, fire a warning shot into the air.

If the situation demands lethal force then so be it, but if the terrible totality and absolute finality of employing deadly force against another human being isn’t justified – then a warning shot sure as heck isn’t. See Rule 3 and also Rule 4.

If you aren’t sure what Rule 3 or 4 are – put away the gun and immediately contact us at TAG, LLC for further education and training!

In our distant past when the thinking was different, we learned that warning shots just don’t work. The morons don’t stop they just shift into ‘Turbo’ and run faster.

Then of course is the other ‘rule’ or law, actually. Gravity. What goes up must come down. In the case of a bullet fired in a warning shot, you must be prepared to answer legally, financially, and morally for that round you fired when it comes inevitably back to earth.

Our luck would of course mean, it would land on our own windshield…

– DC Reed, from Progressive Pistolcraft

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PMO Training

DC Reed, Director: Posted on Friday, October 12, 2012 3:45 PM

There is still room in the Precision Marksman Observer Course 24-28 October 2012 near Houston, MO!

This is where you go when you’re ‘pretty good’ to become VERY GOOD. Remember no matter how good a shooter you are, even Tiger Woods has a golf swing coach.
This is the class where you learn about every tick and notch on that scope you bought.
When you want to know, “How do I grow the confidence to shoot at any range?”
“How can I rapidly switch from 100 to 450 yards with my rifle?”
“What is the right stuff to buy without breaking my budget? Is quality always the most expensive?” (No!)
And this is the class where you don’t stop smiling while ringing a gong with your rifle at 800 yards – when you didn’t think you could!
Hey, we’ve done the analysis, you come pull the trigger.

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Stamus Contra Malum

David C. Reed, Director, TAG, LLC: Posted on Tuesday, October 02, 2012 2:05 PM

The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared”, not “Get Prepared.” They’ve had the right mindset there since 1910.

Ours is “When life is on the line, where you trained matters.” And it does.

As you look forward to the autumn and the natural changes in weather and clothing, look at your CCW (or LE off duty) carry system. Did you make changes or compromise during the hot summer? Are you prepared with your concealed carry system -especially now in jacket weather?

If you’ll remember from your TAG CCW training, a handgun is only one part of a four part carry system: 1) Handgun and Ammunition, 2) Holster and Concealment, 3) Mindset and Will, and 4) Training and Practice.
Two of these you can just go buy, while two require dedication. All require investment.

Buying a piano does not make you a musician, and CCW is to defensive training what hunter safety is to truly learning to hunt. The TAG Progressive Pistolcraft course is like piano lessons with Billy Joel. All that said- have you assessed your skills with your Whole System recently?

Another of our mottos is, “Stamus Contra Malum” or “We Stand against Evil.” And we do.

I know no one of character (and we surround ourselves with men and women of character) who could possibly stand by and allow true evil to be perpetrated in front of them. They are action-oriented and form a Hedge of Protection around those they love and even strangers who need their protections.

There is true evil in the world and it must be faced down. Doctors, nurses, and medics know this. Soldiers, law enforcement, and firefighters know this. Attorneys, teachers, and other professionals know this. You and I know this.

Obviously there are many tools that need to be in the kit when you adapt this most acute way of thinking. Avoiding the use of force is always preferable, but if things become grave and imminent you are the one that is counted upon. Some talk and debate and philosophize about evil. Others stand . . . and make ready.

So ‘now’ is the ‘when’ to start training as you will fight. Go past your CCW/ Police Academy/ Military pistol training and look into more advanced training.

We humbly submit the Progressive Pistolcraft, 3 day class starting November 9th, 2012.

We’ve done the Analysis, you come pull the Trigger. (2 Oct 2012)

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Tag PistolCraft Assessment Tool

David C. Reed, Director: Posted on Monday, April 09, 2012 3:49 PM

How ready are you ‘right now’ to protect yourself and your loved ones? This is the question we must always ask ourselves.

Do we have the right mindset?
Do we have the right tools handy?
Are our skills polished recently?

If you have your CCW or are a cop, you probably have a standard setup of gun, holster, extra ammo, cell phone, etc. But when was the last time you drew that heater from the rig you have on right now, and engaged a target to a known standard?

No warm up, no practice and no mulligan’s. Right now, if you had to, could you hit a smallish target in a very short amount of time?

In other words – it’s really not how good are you at your best- it’s how serious are you right now.

Check out the TAG, LLC Pistolcraft Assessment Tool under the links tab. It’s not designed as a realistic “How to Engage” drill, but a pure Pistolcraft skills test. Try it.

How’d you do? Need help? We have a class or two here on the website that can help!

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David C. Reed, Director: Posted on Monday, September 12, 2011 12:50 PM

BE PREPARED 9/11/2011

As I write this I am watching the memorial services commemorating the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks all across the country. I cannot watch too much without misting up a bit, and then becoming proud of how many of our young Americans took up the cause to join our Armed Services in the days and years after that day . . .including my own daughter.

Much has been said, and many more out there are considerably more eloquent than I to summarize our collective emotions about Patriots Day 2011, but let me add this.

As we move into what is a more and more uncertain future the only constant is each other – our close associations and family – those we can count on.

Prepare now by ensuring the safety of your ‘circle of trust’. I have several friends who have learned HAM radio and been licensed so that they can communicate and get information when others cannot (recent wild weather being the perfect example). There are classes on canning food and becoming more independent through gardening and preserving. Wood stoves are cropping up more and more to supplement or replace electric heat pumps, the examples are all around us.

Pack a ‘bug-out’ bag with a few essentials (My next post will describe what we think should be in such a bag) and keep it in your car. If the worst happens and you’re stuck in traffic away from your family –will you be ready? What does your family need to do to either shelter-in-place until you arrive, or come to meet you? Remember the lessons recently learned: in a disaster the cell phones go out first!

I’m not advocating starting a whack-o cult and hoarding, or any sort of hate group. But a bit more of the Boy Scout concept (Be Prepared) just seems like a more common sense approach to ensuring our family and close relations are secure. It may be the most cost-effective insurance you can have.

Now this kind of “sheepdog vs. sheep” thinking, as recent events around the country have shown, includes preparing to defend yourself and your inner circle. This is not just CCW and basic gun handling, although that’s the place to start, but more advanced Critical Thinking and Awareness training and of course more advanced firearms training.

Consider your personal circumstances. If whatever the next bad thing happened today – right now – are you ready? Mentally, physically, logistically ready? For a tornado- and its aftermath? For a power grid shutdown? For an Active Shooter? Now is your family? Your neighbor that you may need?

If you do the analysis – and that’s our middle name by the way – and you come up with a list of needs – call us, email us. We can help.

Pray for our Troops and their Families on the Home Front. God Bless you each and all.


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