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On The Dime… Progressive Pistolcraft

DC Reed, Director: Posted on Tuesday, September 06, 2011 10:12 AM

Good day to you all,

Now that the weather is breaking towards less humidity and cooler temps – people are headed back outside.

I’ve been fielding a lot of questions on the Progressive Pistolcraft course – coming up here in a few weeks. The main questions are “What’s the difference between this class and the CCW class that Missouri requires?”

It’s a great question and here’s the answer: the Missouri CCW mandated training is focused on the basics of safe gun handling, storage, etc, a primer on use of force under state law, and then a range session designed to familiarize you with the essentials of safe shooting.

I think we all agree the CCW class is limited by time and is only an intro. If you are a newer shooter, you don’t necessarily walk away with all the firearms skills essential to properly protect yourself and others without a good deal of on your own practice. I think every CCW class I’ve ever taught – both here in MO and in Tennessee – I’ve always advised the students to continue to shoot, compete, and train at whatever level they can to hone what are perishable but crucial skills.

So – the Progressive Pistolcraft course grew out of two demands I’ve had for years.

1. – More advanced handgun training to benefit CCW carriers than the state mandates, and …

2. – A class that will work Law enforcement officers and US military who want to increase their skill set and get more advanced training than their department provides.

I can tell you the Deputies, Police, and especially the active duty and reserve military I’ve spent 3 days with (pre-deployment in some cases) were very satisfied and stated emphatically that they had a much higher level of confidence in their pistolcraft after the TAG training.

So to wrap up this post and answer the question – how much training and actual hands-on, dynamic range time do you need? Would you benefit from an advanced level of pistol skillset training than what is provided to you?

If you think so (and we hope so) then sign up for the Progressive Pistolcraft course.

Contact us here at the website with questions.

Stay Safe,


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