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Why Train With A CCW Permit?

DC Reed/Director

I had a reader comment on a post asking, “Why is it important to document training and why pay for the CCW App?”

That’s actually a great question and this was my response.

Military and law enforcement train with their tools and weapons regularly to hone their skills, learn new ones, test their abilities under realistic conditions, and demonstrate proficiency to an established standard. Some do it better than others, but they all scrupulously document their training.

This is a hedge against liability, as in a court of law your testimony may not be enough. In other words in some courts if it wasn’t recorded (in writing) then it “didn’t happen.”

As a CCW permit carrier you will have none of the protective presumptions courts give government employees and their training records. The wrong prosecutor or a civil trial lawyer will attempt to paint you as reckless or negligent. By dedicating your time and effort (and ammo) to practice and study – and using our system to professionally document your training- you are building a record of responsibility. A history that shows you take the awesome responsibility of carrying a firearm seriously and maturely.

That’s our purpose and our mission statement. It’s why we built CCW Guardian.

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And why does it cost money? Well. Hey, we gotta pay the bills.

– DC Reed

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