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Stamus Contra Malum

David C. Reed, Director, TAG, LLC: Posted on Tuesday, October 02, 2012 2:05 PM

The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared”, not “Get Prepared.” They’ve had the right mindset there since 1910.

Ours is “When life is on the line, where you trained matters.” And it does.

As you look forward to the autumn and the natural changes in weather and clothing, look at your CCW (or LE off duty) carry system. Did you make changes or compromise during the hot summer? Are you prepared with your concealed carry system -especially now in jacket weather?

If you’ll remember from your TAG CCW training, a handgun is only one part of a four part carry system: 1) Handgun and Ammunition, 2) Holster and Concealment, 3) Mindset and Will, and 4) Training and Practice.
Two of these you can just go buy, while two require dedication. All require investment.

Buying a piano does not make you a musician, and CCW is to defensive training what hunter safety is to truly learning to hunt. The TAG Progressive Pistolcraft course is like piano lessons with Billy Joel. All that said- have you assessed your skills with your Whole System recently?

Another of our mottos is, “Stamus Contra Malum” or “We Stand against Evil.” And we do.

I know no one of character (and we surround ourselves with men and women of character) who could possibly stand by and allow true evil to be perpetrated in front of them. They are action-oriented and form a Hedge of Protection around those they love and even strangers who need their protections.

There is true evil in the world and it must be faced down. Doctors, nurses, and medics know this. Soldiers, law enforcement, and firefighters know this. Attorneys, teachers, and other professionals know this. You and I know this.

Obviously there are many tools that need to be in the kit when you adapt this most acute way of thinking. Avoiding the use of force is always preferable, but if things become grave and imminent you are the one that is counted upon. Some talk and debate and philosophize about evil. Others stand . . . and make ready.

So ‘now’ is the ‘when’ to start training as you will fight. Go past your CCW/ Police Academy/ Military pistol training and look into more advanced training.

We humbly submit the Progressive Pistolcraft, 3 day class starting November 9th, 2012.

We’ve done the Analysis, you come pull the Trigger. (2 Oct 2012)

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    Sunday, October 07, 2012 6:06 AM

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  • Floyd Burdett on

    Monday, December 10, 2012 4:45 PM

    As I have heard SO MANY TIMES… You can’t wait until you NEED Karate/self-defense training to LEARN IT! And you can’t wait until your house is on fire to buy a hose! The Marines don’t wait until we are facing the enemy to TRAIN!

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    All that said- have you assessed your skills with your Whole System recently?

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