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Stay True

DC Reed/Director

The Traditions/institutions from generations past anchor us to our joint history and secure our destiny.

We can move, pivot, and swing along the lines of whatever current waves comes our way, anchored securely, while still remaining steadfast to what built us as a nation.

But cutting this chain sets us adrift. Going too rapidly for the sake of ‘change’ without due consideration of consequence sounds bold, but is in fact immature and reckless.

We are in danger of being adrift without a compass. Wayard with no way to navigate back to safety. When we dispose of all that is traditional we begin to devalue the ties that bind us one to the other. we become a gaggle of self-involved individuals and not a team, or a nation.

Future generations watching us closely learn that there is nothing permanent and no rock on which to build. Everything is permeable and words are but written on beach sand.

Then people wonder loudly why our traditions and institutions fail us.

I say stick with the tried and true. As corny as our joint institutions sometimes are – reinforce them and pass on to your children what made you feel safe and secure.

Give them a rock. Make words into steel and stone.

When times are very, very dark for them the glow of these memories will give them hope and strength and bring them close to you in their hearts.


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