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What Are Your Fears?

DC Reed, Director

In an uncertain world with the troubles reported daily on the news, what are your fears?

Most of us fear what we cannot predict or control.

Your only recourse is to learn and train to be as adaptable, independent, and innovative as possible.

TAG, LLC does not just train weapons craft -although we are good at that – but we train critical thinkers to look for and use the tools at hand to secure and protect themselves and their families.

We teach how not to look, act, or become a victim.

Whether its rifle, carbine, shotgun, or handgun we have a defensive training class that is tailored to you. We even offer camp-out courses where you learn campfire starting, cooking, and survival heating by night while having fun shooting during the day.

If you don’t see exactly what you want here on this website -contact us to discuss what you are interested in!

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