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Heckler & Koch Pistol Evals

DC Reed/Director

Testing Heckler and Koch’s this week and some next week.
P30’s, HK45, HK45C, P2000, and even a couple of USPs.

I have shot HK’s for many years and always had a love/dislike/fascination/regret cycle of reactions to them. That said I absolutely love the MP5 and carried one for years as an SRT and PST HRP dude.

I’ve somehow almost always had at least one since the P7M8 was the exotic ‘must have’ gun. Come to think of it, the old Staple gun is still a cool piece.

The SOCOM USP 45 was reliable but not all that, in my opinion considering the price which was extreme even for an HK. Heck, I don’t know about extreme conditions but my M&P 45 would outshoot it I believe.

Thinking back, I owed one of the very few P9S samples I’ve ever seen in 45ACP that had more than one magazine that worked! Ultimately that ungainly thing was traded, but now I wish I had it in the back of the safe.

(I also wish I had my brand new Bren Ten Special Forces 10mm that actually had a working mag and a coupon for another! Ok- back to HK’s)

I like the current crop of HK45’s with the P30 style “Batman” grip and have the HK45C in my stable. I prefer the HK45C but like the grip of the USP 45 Compact. I’ve had both in the past and traded one for the other at times. I might again.

(You got a good clean USP 45 Compact? Wanna trade?)

So- we’ll see the details on how these current models shoot and handle.
Anyone have an HK opinion (objective and on topic please) or real life HK experiences you want to share?

P.S. It’s pronounced “Coke” not “Cock” or “Cotch”

DC Reed, Director

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