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10 Rounds Is Safer Than 11?

DC Reed/Director

10 is safer than 11

Logical persons know behavior cannot be legislated. We have laws against speeding, we all break them and sometimes these violations result in death. But, there has been no law requiring speed governors on automobiles. Still, some politicians think 10 bullets are safer than 11. or worse – that such asnine feel-good legislation will do anything to curb horrific violence. Of course you know, bad guys not guns are the problem.

You should also know that those who wish to limit your protections under the 2nd Amendment are doing so because they fear you. This is why blacks – slaves – were prohibited from owning weapons prior to 1866. Fear.

The Civil Rights Acts of 1866 changed the laws prohibiting former slaves from owning firearms. Two years later with the adoption of the 14th Amendment, many Southern States imposed high taxes or banned inexpensive guns in order to price destitute individuals – read former slaves – out of the gun market. The 2nd Amendment has been under attack ever since and is becoming more a privilege than a right every day. We have accepted new laws and said, “Well, it could have been worse.”

Those prohibited firearms by an individual or government are, in every sense of the word, enslaved to that individual or government.

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